Fifth Edition of Kids’ Film Festival
at Operndorf Afrika, Burkina Faso

11  – 15 June 2024

The KIFIFE’s selection, including documentaries, fiction, short films and animations, is based on African children and teenagers as protagonist or directors, aiming at showing their everyday reality.


United Screens

Film-makers worldwide keep up with very different working conditions. How does a day in a filmmaker’s life look like – in India, Mauretania, and Burkina Faso? What are the circumstances under which movies are being made? What drives film-makers to realize their ideas? How are the movies distributed after all? It‘s these questions which led to „United Screens“ by SAVVY Contemporary (curator: Abhishek Nilamber), a project asking questions about the production and distribution of films in several parts of the world.

With the first KIFIFE Burkina Faso the opportunity arose to throw light also on the sub-Saharan film industry and to become a part of United Screen‘s research approach. In collaboration with United Screens we have interviewed 7 Burkinabé filmmakers and asked them about their passions and the challenges they face in showing their films.

These interviews contribute to the audiovisual archive of United Screens, a long term research, exhibition and networking project, conceived at SAVVY Contemporary. It intends to create an alliance of community cinema programmers and filmmakers loving independent film and particularly sharing a condition of economic or political vulnerability, and hence being easily subjected to unfair trade-offs within the cinema industry. It aims to work towards a future distribution platform for films and video art produced across the Global South.

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