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KIFIFE 2021 Kid's Film Festival Burkina Faso

Second Edition of Kids’ Film Festival
at Operndorf Afrika, Burkina Faso

31 March – 03 April 2021

The KIFIFE’s selection, including documentaries, fiction, short films and animations, is based on African children and teenagers as protagonist or directors, aiming at showing their everyday reality.


Workshops at the Festival

Workshops at the Festival

The program of the KIFIFE 2019 presents three workshops: forms of writing, acting and creating animated films.

The workshops are led by filmmakers. This year’s guest:

Michel Zongo (Burkina Faso), who will give a workshop on Role Playing. Serge Gnakabi (Côte d’Ivoire) will show basic animation techniques and Clémentine Dusabejambo (Rwanda) explains how to tell exciting stories in her storytelling workshop.